It’s the end of 2015, so you know what that means. I’m allowed to review my year and post about what’s ahead. Looking over my posts closing up 2014 and welcoming 2015, I have to laugh. My plans tend to blow up around me, and I often have to zig to and zag all over to keep up. Not that I mind.

So let’s look at what I SAID I’d do in 2015:

January – Release The Gathering: Blasius, Dante, and Moira

February – Release Claiming His Beauty (Beast’s story)

April – Release Claiming His Fire
Pushed to June, but DONE!

Jun – Release Cleaner Novella in Huntsman Box Set
(Savage Surrender) DONE!

Jul – Release Claiming His Desire
Well…September, not July. But DONE!

Aug – Release Feral Breed Novella (Sandman’s story)
I totally forgot about this goal. He’s on my list for 2016 or 2017, depending on how things pan out this spring.

Oct – Release Season Two of The Gathering (Four Shorts)
Hahahahahaha…never even crossed my mind to do again. Oops.

Nov – Release Feral Breed Novella (Holiday)
Claiming Their Christmas…DONE!

Dec – Release Claiming Her Heart
Switched to Claiming His Chance due to story issues.

In between those releases, I also released CLAIMING THEIR FOREVER, a collection of shorts from the Feral Breed universe, FERAL BREED: VOLUME ONE, a set of the first three Feral Breed books, participated in NINE boxset projects of which five were with original content from me, and wrote a novella for Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds launch (BEARLY DREAMING).

It’s been a really busy year.

Comparing to some specific numbers from 2014:

2014: Those published books have been purchased in 14 countries.

We’re up to 38 countries now.

I’ve written 317,468 words in 2014.

I’ve written 508,672 words in 2015.

2014: Maybe someday I’ll open Butterflies back up and rework it.

2015: It’s with my editor now for a review!

As for what’s next, well… I stopped posting release dates until the books were done because the pressure was a bit too much for me. I’m not even going to give timeframes anymore for the same reason. Sometimes an opportunity pops up that makes me adjust my schedule at the last minute, and I need to be able to respond without fear of disappointing my readers. So instead of any kind of specifics, I’ll leave with with this.

Happy New Year… and thank you for sticking with me so far!