As I’ve said in the past, I’m not really a must-have-music kind of writer. But every now and again, a song screams to me. Throws me right into the head of a character and really gives me a solid hold on them. When that happens, I take advantage of it.

While writing Claiming His Fire, I once again spent a lot of time thinking about my characters in my car (this seems to be a trend…I must drive a lot). Here are the songs I couldn’t stop listening to.

Shadow’s Song: I Ain’t Ready to Quit by Jason Aldean

Scarlett pushed him, but Shadow hung on.



Scarlett’s Theme Song: Games by Luke Bryan

This song sometimes switches from Scarlett’s to Shadow’s but, in the end, it works for the story.



Shadow and Scarlett Together: Sippin’ On Fire by Florida Georgia Line

THIS SONG! I passed it by the first time I heard it. And the next. But then the lyrics started sinking in and it was love at third listen.