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But we’ll get to more on that. First, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my upcoming release, Savage Surrender.
Savage SurrenderThere’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…
Long thought to be extinct, the Dire Wolf shifters have been hiding in plain sight—hunting, tracking, and killing those who threaten their beloved Omegas. But when the hunter becomes the hunted and the first mating bond in the modern history of the breed is realized, one wolf will have to fight off an entire enemy pack armed with a secret weapon in order to save not only his mission but his soul mate.

Savage Surrender will be out on June 2nd and is part of an amazing boxset called Masters of the Hunt: Fated and Forbidden. It’s filled with books from incredible authors in Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance. Make sure to keep an eye on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter so you can grab your set!

And now for a little excerpt:

Her mate shifted as they approached the Jeep, never breaking stride while he went from four feet to two. Sariel followed, cracking her neck as skin replaced fur. Angelita stayed wolf, probably too afraid of getting stuck in her human form to shift back. Naked and dirty, Sariel and her mate hurried to the Jeep with Angelita padding along behind them. Sariel held open the passenger door for the wolf, giving Angelita enough room to jump into the backseat before hopping into the front.

As her mate turned the key that had been left in the ignition, he glanced at Sariel. She could only imagine what a sight she had to be. Naked, filthy, covered in muck and God knew what else from the swamp. She fidgeted in her seat, crossing her legs and bringing her hands to her knees. He swallowed hard, but then he looked away.

“There’s a blanket and a pack of clothes in the back if you can reach them.” He slammed on the gas as he spoke, the tires kicking up dirt as they raced down the road.

Sariel reached behind her, grabbing a blanket to wrap around herself and tossing a small cylinder of fabric at him. “This is all that’s back there.”

He unwrapped the fabric, unrolling a shirt and a pair of ratty camouflage shorts that looked as if they’d come from some kind of uniform pants. He handed her the clothes, barely flicking a glance her way. She fingered the edge of the shorts fabric, suddenly nervous.

“Um, here.” She handed him the shorts, trying hard not to stare at his naked body. Trying and failing. He was so masculine, so ridiculously muscled. But even that couldn’t describe him fully. The man was simply big…tall and broad, muscular and strong. A solid wall of wolf shifter.

She couldn’t help but let her eyes wander over his hands as they wrapped around the steering wheel, down his rigid arms, to the rounded muscles of his shoulders. His jaw clenched as she inspected him, from his chin to his nose, back down along his neck to his chest. Lower still, over the curves and ripples of his abs, dancing along his Adonis belt before straying to where his thick penis rested against his thigh. Big, like him. Blunt and fat. Sariel shivered but took a deep breath, fighting off the wave of arousal seeing him so free and naked caused. While she watched, his penis twitched, growing fuller with every second. Mesmerized, she stared, her mouth falling open, her breathing coming faster. Good Lord, he was just so thick.

They hit a rough bump in the road, causing the Jeep to jerk hard to one side. Sariel ripped her eyes away from her mate’s lap, her cheeks heating when she found him staring at her. Watching her. Knowing what she was looking at and probably how it made her feel. The mating haze was strong, the bond demanding. It didn’t matter that they were literally running for their lives, or that there was another person in the back seat. She wanted him, and she knew he could sense the desire pouring off of her.

He gave her a hard look, his eyes dropping to her legs for a moment before turning his attention back to the road. Without a second glance, he reached for the shorts, brushing his rough fingers lightly across the backs of her hands, and placed the fabric across his lap.

“Put the shirt on.”


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As for the main hop, here’s your chance to get to know some new authors and find out special secrets from some of you current favorites. Also, a chance to win once of over $200 in prizes! Follow the hop for more fun, prizes, and great books HERE.
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