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A storyteller from the time she could talk, USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh grew up among family legends of hauntings, psychics, and love spanning decades. Those stories didn’t always have the happiest of endings, so they inspired her to write about real life, real love, and the difficulties therein. From farmers to werewolves, store clerks to witches—if there’s love to be found, she’ll write about it. Ellis lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughters, and two tiny fish that take up way too much of her time.



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Ellis Leigh
c/o Kinship Press
PO Box 221
Prospect Heights, IL 60070


Nine Things You Never Knew

1My husband proposed at Disney World, and the organist at our wedding played The Disney March as we left the sanctuary.

2I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and my ships are strong. I own (and wear) a Hufflepuff scarf. Cedric!Lives forever.

3I buy a notebook for every writing project. I carry them around in a Midori-style notebook (Google it, prepare for the addiction).

4 I have a scar on my foot from spilling chicken noodle soup while wearing socks. Curses to all socks!

5I refinish furniture as a hobby. There’s something I love about taking something battered and forgotten and making it beautiful again.

6I have a lot of refinished dressers and chests of drawers in my house.

7I’m addicted to coffee but having an affair with tea. It’s my evening drink. At times, my kitchen looks much like a Teavana store.

8I like to cook. I hate to grocery shop. Don’t get me started on the hell that is putting away laundry.

9I’ve lived in the Chicago area for over 13 years yet have not found a stylist. I cut my hair about once a year out of necessity.

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