Savage Sacrifice

The Devil’s Dires Series, Book #5

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There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…

Dire Wolf Phego has a history. One that haunts him and holds him back in ways even he doesn’t want to admit. A mission for one of his brothers bring changes, though, and he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with his past if he’s ever going to have a future.

Michaela likes to be needed. As the doctor of her pack, she’s used to being called out at all hours to assist on everything from accidents to baby deliveries. When an old friend is the one calling, she’ll do anything to help, including putting up with a cranky, standoffish oaf of a man who can’t seem to make up his mind on what he wants from her…if anything.

One soldier fighting demons from his past and his present, one woman doing all she can to save those she cares about, and a shadow that inches closer every day. In the world of the Dire Wolves, time off from missions should be calm and easy. But when ghosts come calling, Phego will have to decide if hanging on to his past is worth giving up his future.

One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.

The Greatest Threat

The man took one look at Phego, took one second to curl that lip and growl, and then shifted. Shredded clothing flew out from around his lupine form, and a vicious snarl left his lips before his paws hit the earth.

But Phego was ready for him.

He raced across the clearing, adjusting his path so as to stay between the enemy wolf and the porch. Blocking the target of the attack. Keeping Ariel safe. He met the beast in a crash that sent them both rolling, his teeth bared, his claws out and slicing through flesh from the start. Ready to fight. Ready to kill.

The sound of women screaming burned his ears, the fear from both eating at his concentration. Women… Plural. Fuck, the bastard wasn’t alone. He couldn’t take his eyes off his threat, though. Couldn’t risk a moment of distraction as he slashed and bit. He kept his tail pointed toward the house, kept his prey in front of him, kept his body blocking access to Ariel. The male would not sneak past him. Would not win. He’d deal with the other female once he had the wolf on the ground.

But just as the two clashed again in a brutal dance of death, a scent unlike any other captured his attention. It called to him, stole every ounce of his focus. Overtook his thoughts. He was unable to resist the lure. The turn of his head was automatic, the way his eyes sought the source of that smell an instinct. Something unstoppable and irrefutable.

A woman stood at the edge of the porch, close enough to the steps to be a threat to Ariel, though Phego didn’t think she was. Something about her, something about the way she watched the fight, the way she seemed so nervous and afraid, spoke to him. Not a threat. At least, not to Ariel.

But she was the most dangerous thing he’d ever seen.