Savage Surrender

The Devil’s Dires Series, Book #1

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There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…

Feared by even his own kind, Bez of the Dire Wolf shifters knows exactly how to succeed in any battle. Even if that means racking up collateral damage along the way. A simple mission into the swamplands to save a teenage wolf shifter should have been an easy track and retrieval for a man with his training, but nothing comes easy when the fates get involved.

In one night, Omega Sariel went from a free, single shewolf to a captive with a teenage girl to watch over and a couple of guards intent on making her life miserable…what little is left of it. Then a soldier with ice in his eyes walks in, and the mating call begins. He’s too tough, too harsh, too murderous…but when your life hangs in the balance, a lethal fighter in your corner is better than battling alone. Especially one who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty with her.

Two kidnapped women, one dangerous soldier unknowingly about to come face-to-face with fate, and a monster set on destroying everything in its path. In the world of the Dire Wolves, a retrieval is a simple mission for the unit of soldiers that make up their pack. But this time, a single glance blows simple right out of the swamp and forces Bez to make his stand alone.

One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.


Her fingers ran along the soft fabric as she wished the shirt were both shorter and longer at the same time. He tracked the movement like a hunter eyeing its prey. Like a starving man being teased with a juicy steak. She wondered what it would be like to be his steak.

His eyes slid along the planes of her body, over her breasts and neck, his head angling a bit to one side as he watched her. Investigated her. Learned every curve and dip.

“You have freckles,” he whispered, his voice rough but soft.

“Oh…” Sariel froze, her plans for demanding he talk to her blown up by the simple fact that he had talked to her, especially about the freckles that covered most of her body. “I…yeah. Always have.”

He sat silent for a moment, his eyes dropping to her hips as she took two small steps closer. God, she could practically feel him touching her with that predatory gaze. So dark…so intense. A physical force in just a look.

“I’m Bez.” He slid his teeth over his bottom lip, his canines long and sharp. Deadly weapons against soft, pink flesh. Dangerous and sexy all at once. Just like everything else about him.

Sariel shivered and took another step. “Bez?”

He froze her with a glance, his eyes swirling from ice to silver as he clenched his jaw. “It’s short…for Beelzebub. The name my pack assigned me.”

Sariel nodded as she inched closer, her footsteps light and slow. “But people call you Bez.”


She stopped when her knees brushed his, her entire body burning hot at his nearness. “May I call you Bez?”

He tipped his head back and let his knees fall open as he watched her. Examined her. Absorbed her. “If that pleases you.”

Sariel inched between his legs, growing more confident with every word he uttered. Every lengthy look. His fingers brushed against her thigh, his skin warm and rough as it whispered against hers. She shivered and moved closer. His eyes dropped to her hip, a frown pulling at his mouth. He reached out, using one finger to trace around the edge of the hole at her hip, his brow furrowed.

“I…” Bez said, shaking his head. “I wish I had better.”

She smiled, placing her hand over his, stilling his finger as she pressed his hand flat against her hip. “It’s fine. I don’t need much.”

“What you need and what you deserve are two different things, Freckles.”