Claiming His Need

Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series, Book #2

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He waited four hundred years for her…
She only ever wanted to find her mate…
Their time has come.

Gates is a legend among his fellow wolf shifters. For more than four centuries, he’s lived without a mate, something nearly unheard of in his breed. He’s spent that time mastering the art of the kill, becoming a lethal weapon for the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club, and earning a reputation as the Gatekeeper.

Kaija Wariksen grew up as the Valkoisus pack princess. The Alpha’s only daughter and a powerful Omega shewolf, Kaija’s beauty and place within the pack hierarchy makes her the focus of desire for many of the unmated males, especially one she’s desperate to stay away from. She’d rather wait for her fated mate than be just another bed warmer for a man with more attitude than brains.

But when a territory dispute turns into a kidnapping, Gates and his Feral Breed brothers are called to assist the Valkoisus pack in a rescue operation. Gates soon discovers there’s more in store for him than a fight. He finds his mate in the Alpha’s daughter, a woman targeted by a mystery sect kidnapping Omega shifters. To keep the Valkoisus pack safe, the Feral Breed must put Kaija in danger, risking the only thing Gates has ever needed, and igniting a rage that could destroy the entire wolf shifter population.

Following The Rules

“You’re not wearing anything under that robe.”

“It’s a cloak, not a robe. And of course I’m not wearing anything under it. Cloaks make for easy shifting.” I glanced at the patio door over my shoulder. “Are you concerned you’ll see me naked again? The whole pack has on numerous occasions. It’s hard to be modest when you’re transforming your body into another species.”

“I’m not concerned, per se.” The wind blew a little harder, lifting the curtains and giving me a glimpse of Gates. He stood in front of the open door, his hands against the screen, his eyes dark and hungry as they watched me. “I’m more interested in preserving the sanctity of the ancient mating rituals. I’ve made our mating bond public; I’m not supposed to see you naked before I officially come for you and your father approves the union. If you disrobe, you’ll be breaking the rules.”

“The rules don’t say I can’t be naked,” I slid my other arm out of the fabric and allowed it to fall just enough to show the tops of my breasts. Gates sucked in a breath as I slowly walked toward the open door. Once I reached it, I pushed aside the curtain and placed my hand against his where it pressed into the screen.

“The rules say nothing of the mated pair hiding their nudity. It would be near impossible given the nature of our shifting.” I leaned forward as Gates matched my movements. Our noses brushed through the screen, breath mingling and hands pressing harder against one another. With a sigh, I pulled away and turned my back on my mate.

“The rules only say the mates are to avert their gazes when nudity is required.” I dropped my cloak and stepped over the pool of scarlet fabric. “I assume your gaze is averted?”