Claiming Her Heart

A novel set in the Feral Breed World

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Angelita and Julian bring us back to the world of the Feral Breed…but is it an ending or a new beginning?

We were in hell the night we met, but a handful of years later, heaven is almost in reach. I just need to break my guardians’ suffocating hold on me, find a career, and convince my mate he’s better off staying human than becoming a shapeshifter like me.

When a bear shifter seeking someone to handle a little B&E falls into my path, I know it’s more than a job I’m signing on for. It’s a total life change. One that could cost me my mate if I fail…or if I succeed. But how can I turn down my one shot to get everything I want? Quick answer…

I can’t.


“I thought for sure your sister would have put up more of a fight about us shacking up together.” Angelita gave my hand a squeeze before walking toward the bathroom of my apartment. I crossed the room, thankful to be alone with her. We’d retreated from the main house after dinner, neither of us wanting to deal with the tension between our two sets of non-parental units. We needed quiet and peace, and to talk some more. Just the two of us.

I reached the end of the bed and sat down, remembering the tone of Charlotte’s voice when she’d finally agreed with Bez. “I’m sure she’s not quite done yet, but the worst is probably over.”

The sound of water running was my only answer, and I counted until it stopped. Eight seconds to silence, three more as she reached for the towel, and then the rustle of fabric as she dried her face. Angelita never understood how in tune with her I was. How much I knew about what she was doing and feeling just by the sounds she made, by the smell of her, by the tone of her voice. I couldn’t see her emotions expressed, but I felt them. Strongly and deeply.

The click of the light going off had me cocking my head. Angelita padded across the floor toward me, bringing her warm, earthy smell with her. Want burned deep and strong inside of me, need. My mate and I were about to sleep together in the same bed for the first time, and I was wound tight in anticipation of feeling her against me all night long.

When it seemed to take forever for her to get to me, I reached out, needing to touch her, too impatient to wait until she crawled into bed with me. It took a second, but I finally grasped her hand with mine, immediately pulling her on top of me, rolling her to the side so she lay between my body and the wall. Protecting her from the rest of the world. Wanting to hide her away.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked with a laugh. That joy, that ease—I craved it all the time. I wanted her happy and relaxed, wanted her animal side to be comfortable no matter where we were.

I shrugged, nuzzling into her neck in a mimic of the way she always did to me. “Your scent.”

“My scent?” Fuck, her words came out a little softer, a little rougher. Her smell changed, deepening with arousal as she curled into my body. I knew that scent. I loved that scent. My body responded, sending my blood to my already hardening cock, throwing my heart into overdrive.

We were alone…for the entire night.