The Feral Breed World

They ride, they fight, they fall in love.


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Reading Order

All Feral Breed, Devil’s Dires, and The Gathering books are linked by world and characters. Chronologically, they should be read in the following order.

o Claiming His Fate
o Coffee Date (Newsletter Exclusive)
o Claiming His Need
o Claiming His Witch
o Claiming Their Forever (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o Death of A Witch (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o The Car Revealed (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o Christmas with Rebel (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o The Gathering Tales
o Bitches Don’t Ride (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o Domestication (Claiming Their Forever Anthology)
o Claiming His Beauty
o Savage Surrender
o Claiming His Fire
o Claiming His Desire
o Claiming His Chance
o Masterson
o Claiming Their Christmas
o Claiming His Prize
o Claiming His Grace
o A Dragon’s Promise (Reader Group Exclusive)
o Savage Sanctuary
o Savage Seduction
o Baby Mine (Reader Group Exclusive)
o Claiming Her Heart
o Savage Silence
o Savage Sacrifice
o Savage Security
o Savage Sacrifice