Savage Security

The Devil’s Dires Series, Book #6

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There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…

Dire Wolf Deus likes his quiet, regimented life. He might live in the big city, but interacting with humans isn’t his favorite thing, so he spends most of his time behind the screens of the computers and tech gadgets he loves. At least, when he’s not handling research and missions for Luc, the Dire Pack Alpha.

Zoe follows two rules in life—never trust a pack wolf, and take what you can get. She spends her days living the high life in New York City, but at night, this little wolf becomes a cat. Cat burglar, that is. Her services are for hire, but her heart isn’t. Period.

One soldier living a life behind the screen, one woman hiding from the shadows of her past, and a chance encounter that takes them across the country and beyond. In the world of the Dire Wolves, the man behind the control panel is considered an asset. But when a mission requires a personal touch, Deus will have to leave the security of his world to travel to another, more dangerous one…and not just because he’s met the woman the fates think is perfect for him.

One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.

Deus and His Beautiful

“Something isn’t sitting well with you, Beautiful. What is it?”

She smiled, distracted as she typed on the small screen. “Just issues with a client.”

“A client you need to meet up with?”

Smile frozen, she darted a glance at him. Wary and guarded once more. “Yes.”

His wolf wanted to growl, to drag her back to his den and protect her. But Deus knew instinctually that any move to restrict her would make her bolt, so he chained up his beast and tried to relax. To force his muscles to unclench. To portray a casual sort of calm and interest instead of what was quickly becoming an obsession in his head. “I could go with you, if you like.”

She laughed at that offer. Of course. “Not happening. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“C’mon, Beautiful,” he said as he reached for her hand, nearly howling at the spark of electricity that shot through him when their fingers brushed. That sensation, that moment, changed his plans to charm her. He didn’t want her to run, but he also didn’t have it in him to be cagey about his intentions. Blunt honesty felt like the right way to go in that moment. “I’ll be worried about you all night after seeing the way you frown at the messages you’re getting. I just want you safe. We want you safe.”

Her face softened, her body leaning closer as if unable not to. By the fates, she was stunning. So tall and lithe, so strong and confident. He’d been given a gift with her, a blessing he would never ignore. A mate he would spoil senseless.

If she ever stopped long enough to allow him to do so.