Claiming His Fire

Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series, Book #5

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A shifter with a secret that could destroy his world…
A witch without a coven to keep her grounded…
A fated destiny they’ll have to fight to begin.

Shadow of the Feral Breed earned his road name by being a sneaky combatant—quite fitting considering he’s been hiding the truth about his heritage for decades. With his life wrapped in secrets and lies to protect himself from the judgment of other shifters, he’s become a master at keeping people at a distance. He’s got a job to do, one that could potentially save the lives of the missing Omega females, and he refuses to let a little thing like honesty get in his way.

Fire witch Scarlett left her coven voluntarily after her sister’s banishment, but she can’t get over the pain of being shunned by the people she saw as her extended family. She keeps her relationships casual, avoiding any real commitment on the chance others may let her down again. But with her powers out of control and her element burning her from the inside out, she’s on a path that can only end in ash.

After a chance meeting leads to a fiery clash, Shadow and Scarlett work hard to break themselves apart as the thread of destiny pulls them closer together. But secrets and lies aren’t a stable foundation for a relationship, and the walls between them are easier to build higher than to tear down. When the truth comes out and the smoke clears, will their fragile connection be burnt through or tempered by the heat? And can their fated bond survive the war brewing in their world?

The Jerk

Grabbing the handrail, I ran down the concrete steps that would lead me to the privacy I desperately needed. I made it to the second to last stair before my ankle turned, my hand slipping on the metal rail and my arms flailing as I stumbled forward. I had one sickening moment of mentally screaming oh-my-Goddess-I’m-falling before a strong hand grabbed my elbow, keeping me from face-planting on the concrete. A hand that felt as familiar as the fire that wrapped around me, that burned and licked and brought happiness and balance to my soul, more than I’d ever known. One hand, one touch. Only one person it could belong to.

I yanked my arm out of Shadow’s hold, stumbling backward. My face burned, my pride a little knocked down from almost falling in front of him, but that didn’t help my temper.

“You don’t need to follow me, you know.”

Shadow furrowed his brow, his forehead going all squished and lined and kind of adorable. Those unusual eyes of his focused right on my face. The hard lines of his body too close not to notice. To crave.

He had to be such an asshole to be so pretty.

“I was down here first.”

“What? No. You were at the table with my sisters.” I pointed up, only just taking into account the fact that Shadow stood facing the opposite way I had been headed, as if he’d been coming up the stairs as I’d been going down them. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh.” He shook his head and bounded up the stairs two at a time. “The words you’re looking for are ‘thank’ and ‘you,’ by the way.”

I stood there, mouth literally hanging open as I watched him disappear around the turn. The jerk. He didn’t look back, leaving me behind as if I were nothing. As if I weren’t the woman the Fates had decided would be perfect for him. As if he didn’t feel the same connection to me that I did to him.

Not that I wanted him to.