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Kiss of the Reaper Cover


Death isn’t always the end.

My death wasn’t right.

It wasn’t fair or just. My murder was a punishment I hadn’t deserved, and killing me affected my fated mate much worse than anyone could have expected. I am allowed to continue in the land of the dead, not living but not gone, while he lives a half-life. A lonely one, empty of love. I see him. I watch him. I know he misses me every day.

I miss him too.

So much.

Enough to defy Death himself…and find a way to reunite with my mate.

His friends call him Sandman. I call him mine.


EMBRACE OF THE SANDMAN is a standalone fantasy novel that spins off from Ellis Leigh’s bestselling Feral Breed Motor Cycle club paranormal romance series. Readers who have read the FBMC will recognize many of the characters, but you do not have to read FBMC to enjoy this love story between a wolf shifter and his dead fated mate.

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