Fox Hunt

The Stallions of the Hidden E Ranch

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If two is better than one and three is better than two, then seven must be better than just about anything.

I was on the run from my past when I met Liam—the man I thought was my one true mate. But when he took me home to his ranch, I found out he wasn’t alone. Seven stallion shifters own the Hidden E Ranch, each ready to make me theirs, with Liam leading the charge.

Horse shifters mate as a herd, something we fox shifters know nothing about. But I’m ready to learn, and my seven stallion mates seem more than happy to teach me.

Seven. Men.

Seven. There were seven men total on the farm. Well, not men. Not wholly men. Horse shifters. Stallions. A herd of strapping, handsome men all with dark, wavy hair and eyes in various shades of blue. All ready to claim me as their mate.

My brain couldn’t rationalize that thought even as my body responded to the pull to them. The full, legendary mating pull I’d heard about my entire life. The one that left me aroused and needy in all sorts of fun ways, that made my heart race and my legs shake with pure desire. The stallions were definitely fated to be mine.


“So, you’re saying each one of you would…”

“Fuck you? Absolutely,” Matthew, a sharper, cockier version of Liam said with a sarcastic sort of expression on his pretty face. Bad boy. Definitely a bad boy, that one.

Liam smacked him upside the head as he resettled at the kitchen table where we’d been talking for what seemed like a damn lifetime. “Mind your mouth.”

“I’d rather she mind it for me.”

Liam glared and Garrett chuckled, but Matthew didn’t seem to give a single fuck. Definitely the bad boy of the group. Liam appeared to be the leader, the one setting the rules and making sure things stayed balanced. Garrett had already gotten me a snack and something to drink, so I took him as the sweet one. The caretaker. Quinn…well, Quinn had been quiet, watching me from behind a pair of thick, black glasses that made me want to play out a naughty teacher fantasy with him. Tripp was big, jovial, and wore an old football jersey from some college I didn’t recognize the name of. Definitely the jock of the group. Dalton and Cade both seemed harder, meaner. Rougher around the edges. While Matthew may have been arrogant and harsher than Liam, those two took that to a whole other level. Something about them spoke of military training or law enforcement. I would bet all the money I didn’t have that they were the protectors of the herd.

Easy enough to tell them apart—not so easy to know what to do with them. Or rather, how. Or maybe just what.

Seven. Men.