Bearly Dreaming

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Polar bear shifter Kian Prescott hasn’t slept a wink. Not because of the stress of his life in northern Alaska but because of a nightly visitor he can’t get off his mind. A woman has been infiltrating his dreams, silent, sexy, and downright infuriating since he can’t put his finger—or his paw—on why he and his bear have become obsessed with her.

Nyla MacDonald knows her place in her psychic clan. She’s the weak link, the broken member of the powerful community outside Deals Gap. But when her mating call begins, when delusions tear apart what she thinks of as reality, Nyla must push herself to the limits of her ability to find her true mate, the one man who can save her sanity and her life.

As one world crosses a continent to reach out to another, two kindred souls must find the means to communicate, entrust their deepest secrets in one another, and defy clan law if they are to have a shot at a future. If Nyla can risk trusting the heart of a stranger and Kian can put faith in his visions, they just might have their dreams come true—or die trying.

Find Me

“My mate.” I licked the seam of her lips, clutching her to me, growling at her taste. The bear within me pressed forward, wanting to claim her, to mark her. Growling mine over and over in my head.



I jumped, staring down at her. I’d heard her. Not with my ears, not the way I would have expected, but in my head. Within my mind.

“Nyla?” My voice cracked. I’d heard her and she’d heard me. I didn’t know how, but I didn’t really know how she’d found me in the first place. Whatever magic she had in her, I wouldn’t underestimate it or doubt its power. I had a feeling the girl could do anything if she just put her mind to it.

Nyla. I thought her name hard, willing her to hear me again. She smiled up at me, waiting, nodding that she’d heard me. My Nyla.

She sighed and ran her nose along mine, making my bear growl happily. He liked that, liked that she was introducing herself to us in a very bear-like way. He also liked the feeling of her pressed up against us, how she was all warm and soft and feminine. I did too. And I wanted more. I wanted all of her.

Find me. Her whisper in my mind was weak and soft but clear.

I nodded, kissing her shoulder, so fucking thrilled to hear her at all. “Where?”

Nothing, no answer. I leaned back, catching her green eyes. “Nyla, where?”

Her eyebrows puckered and she shook her head. My heart sunk. Had our chance faded away? Had that been it?