Claiming His Witch

Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series, Book #3

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A shifter fighting for his place in the Feral Breed…
A witch searching for a place in her coven…
A love that breaks every boundary.

Only ten years into his new life as a wolf shifter, Feral Breed MC prospect Pup is struggling to find his place. A throwaway kid in his human past, the only time he’s ever felt at home is when he’s riding with his Breed brothers. But a mistake that nearly ended the life of his leader’s mate haunts him, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove his worth.

Orphaned at birth, Azurine and her sisters have been raised on string magick, grimoires, and the strength of the elements around them. Growing up surrounded by the witches in their coven, there’s never been a lack of a maternal element to support her. But she’s always been the “middle Weaver,” forced to accept the coven’s refusal to see the girls as anything other than the Weaver triplets.

When a witch hunter invades the coven’s home, the witches lash out at the nearest suspect… and one of their own. Betrayed by her coven, Azurine must choose between the only family she’s ever known and the man fate tied to her soul. And as Pup tries to earn the respect of his club, he makes a decision that could cost him more than his place in the Feral Breed. It could cost him Azurine. Or his own life.

A Wolf And His Witch

“So you really are a…witch.” I hadn’t meant to stumble over the last word, but it was hard to imagine true witches with powers and shit just running around the dunes of Lake Michigan. I wanted to kick myself for being so-not-smooth as her smile fell.

“Yes,” she deadpanned. “And you’re really a man who can morph into an overgrown dog.”


She shrugged. “Same difference.”

I stood, towering over her, releasing a low growl as I caged her in with my body. “No. Not the same difference. A dog is a pet. A wolf is owned by no one.”

I walked her backward until I had her pressed against the wall, breathing in the scent of her, desperate to feel more of her warmth against me. “A wolf values family, fights on behalf of his pack, lives by a hierarchy based on trust and respect.” I paused, making sure I had her full attention before dropping my head to whisper in her ear. “And wolves mate for life.”

She stood her ground, those lips turning up a bit as she peered up at me. “Mates for life, huh? Too bad I’m not able to get all furry with you.”

“You don’t need to.” I reached for her hand, wrapping my fingers around hers and pulling our joined hands between us. I set the back of her hand against my chest, right over my racing heart, and massaged the side with my thumb. I held on to her lightly, just enough to ease the ache I felt around her, not pushing for anything more than simple contact. “We don’t have to mate with one of our own. Shifters and humans end up together all the time.”

She licked her lips, her eyes soft and wide. “Really? But what about witches and shifters? Because I’m not quite human.”

I pressed myself against her, shivering when her body met the length of mine. “Neither am I. That doesn’t mean we can’t be…this.”

She sighed, her free hand moving up my arm and around my neck. “This?”

“Yeah, this. Not love, not marriage, not anything demanding.” I shrugged. “Just this, mates and strings.”

She gave me a bit of an irritated look. “Threads, not strings.”

“Threads.” I leaned down to place a soft kiss on the tip of her nose. “Sorry.”

Her smile spread like a sunrise—slow and bright—filling me with a sense of renewal, rebirth, and completion. This was my mate. My one. Rebel had waited two centuries to find Charlotte; Gates had waited four. I’d been a shifter for only ten years and had already been blessed with her presence. I was so fucking lucky.

“We can label it later.” I kissed her nose again then leaned down to catch the corner of her mouth. A tiny kiss, barely a tease, but enough to set my world on fire. “For now, it’s just this. A wolf and his witch.”