Kinship Cove

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Mates and Macarons

At the Cake-ily Ever After bakery in Kinship Cove, three sisters are about to meet their matches and prove that a man with a little silver in his hair can make one heck of a mate…if the fates allow it.

Candied Wolf

Candied Wolf

No more dating shifters—at least, that’s what I promised myself after the last one met his mate while dating me. He wasn’t the first—fate seemed to enjoy smacking me upside the head whenever I dared to cross the species line. So when a handsome wolf shifter with a few extra years of experience comes walking into my bakery, I shouldn’t agree to go on a date with him.

Especially not because he’s only in town for the biggest wedding of the year.

The one where his son is the groom. The one between my last boyfriend and his fated mate.

Did I say fate liked to smack me upside the head? Try burying me in the rubble of my past mistakes instead. Like father, like son had never been so wrong…or so right.

Sugar Dragon

Sugar Dragon
Try everything once. That’s my rule in life, food, and dating. I never miss the opportunity to have a new adventure, play with the right flavor profiles, or spend an evening with the perfect guy. Who needs Mr. Right when there are a thousand Mr. Right Nows running around? So, when a handsome man with heat in his eyes and a little silver in his hair comes waltzing into my bakery, I know I’m in trouble.

He’s annoying. 
He’s rude.
 He’s demanding.

And he just might be the perfect match for me.

Too bad he’s a dragon shifter, and dragons don’t do the whole fated mate thing. But maybe rules–mine and his–are meant to be broken.

Honey Bear

Honey Bear
I’m supposed to be the nice sister. The good one. The girl everyone can count on and who rallies the troops whenever one of us needs a little boost. I’m not supposed to be anything other than sweet. I’m not the one secretly pining for a man twice my age. A man who shifts into a bear at whim and runs the whole darn town with a calm sort of confidence never before seen in Kinship Cove. But I do pine. I pine hard.

And when I make bad decisions because of that, I become the sister with a burden bigger than she can carry.

And a secret.

What would you do if you needed money fast? What wouldn’t you do?

Mates & acarons as paperback, hardcover, and ebook

Also Available As A Set

At the Cake-ily Ever After bakery in Kinship Cove, three sisters are about to meet their matches and prove that a man with a little silver in his hair can make one heck of a mate…if the fates allow it. Three books, three fun & flirty romances from the Mates & Macarons series. Welcome to Kinship Cove, where shifters rule the town and there’s no such thing as out of the ordinary.


Cuddles and Coffee

Come on in to the Kinship Cove Diner, where a good cup of coffee comes with every fated mating. Pull up a stool, grab a cup, and get ready… Things are about to get a little steamy.

Frappé Fox

Cover of Frappe Fox in Ereader
It sucks to be invisible. In the diner my family owns, I’m just the sister who gets stuff done. My entire skulk seems to forget about me on a weekly basis. So color me tickled when the fates drop my fated mate—a hunky, nerdy-hot wolf shifting professor—directly in my path. But not all matings go as planned, mine included.

He’s smart, he’s hot, and he’s decided to use our bond for research instead of actually getting to know me. And did I mention he used to buy my best friend’s worn undergarments? Thanks for that, fates.

Undies aside, my wolf shifter professor is about to learn his toughest lesson ever—never go up against a fox shifter in a battle of wit or will. We’re sneaky, smart, and not afraid to take an opponent to the mattresses to win a battle.

Espresso Con Eagle

Espresso Con Eagle in Ereader
I have two great loves of my life—my fox shifting family (no matter how much they drive me crazy) and being on stage. True, my acting credits are relegated to the local community playhouse, but that doesn’t matter. I spend my free time learning lines and rehearsing scenes…that very few people will ever see. Dating, mating, and all that comes with it? Unimportant.

At least until a man with a sharp gaze, a little gray in his hair, and a familiar face comes walking into the diner. He’s handsome, charming, and the fates say all mine.

Except he’s also famous—an actor whose eagle shifter instincts have brought him stardom in the action-movie arena.

The fates aren’t always kind, but giving me someone who lives his life in such a public way might just be too cruel for words. I’ve never really worried about finding a mate, but now that I have him? I don’t want to be without him. And I’ve had enough sharing for one lifetime.

Caffè Wolverino

Caffé Wolverino in ereader
I haven’t spent much time thinking about dating or mating or any of that sort of stuff. I’m more of a good girl, waiting for the fates to bring me my perfect match and working hard to help my family in any way possible. That’s how I ended up in Kinship Cove in the first place—my aunt needed help at her diner, so here I am. Staying in an old bed-and-breakfast, trying to avoid being yelled at by my loving—if not constantly frazzled—auntie, and avoiding winking shifters like the plague. Men? Not on my radar.

At least not until a beast of a man comes strolling through the door. Literally. He’s not what I expected—gray hair, deep, dark eyes, and a temper known throughout the town…including by local law enforcement.

The fates definitely want us together, but when his past comes fighting its way into our present, the fates may not be enough.

Love behind bars is a thing, right?

Cuddles & Coffee as paperback, hardcover, and ebook

Also Available As A Set

Come on in to the Kinship Cove Diner, where a good cup of coffee comes with every fated mating. Pull up a stool, grab a cup, and get ready… Things are about to get a little steamy. Three books, three fun & flirty romances from the Cuddles & Coffee series. Welcome to Kinship Cove, where shifters rule the town and there’s no such thing as out of the ordinary.

Heartthrobs and Holidays

It’s the holidays for our Kinship Cove friends, which means treats, hot cocoa, and kisses. Reindeer definitely fly across the sky, but how fast do they fall when they meet their fated mates?

Reindeer Ripple

Salted Eagle
Being from the O’Rudolph family never had saved me from ridicule or given me any extra access to those reindeer games, but I’d made it through my childhood relatively unscathed. Or so I liked to tell myself. Truth be told, one herd in particular had been awfully cruel and gone well beyond just laughing and calling me names. But that was years ago. Right? I should be over it…right? 

Over it or not, I was older. More mature. An adult. An adult with a job that took her to a shifter town named Kinship Cove, where the fates not only introduce me to a diner-owning, fox-shifting old lady who makes me the best cups of peppermint coffee ever, they also throw me a wild curve ball in the form of one Bennett Donderson. My fated mate and a man who can truly rock the white hair look. Unfortunately, he’s also a man from the herd of my nightmares. One who had been unable—or unwilling—to protect me from his very own niece. How can I trust someone whose family takes being on the naughty list to an emotionally scarring sort of extreme?

What’s a girl to do when her past slams headfirst into her present and threatens her future?

Peppermint Prancer

Peppermint Prancer cover inside ereader
Being an elf in North Pole, Alaska, means one thing to me: baking to support my fellow elves who are responsible for making toys. When a fellow kitchen elf takes a tumble days before the big gift run, I’m assigned to the reindeer shifter side of town. Carb-loading is my specialty, after all. No way would I let the reindeer team fail after a solid year of work by elves and reindeer alike. I know my role—get in, bake, get out—but while delivering delightful pastries to the hungry sleigh-pullers, I run into a problem. One by the name of Prancer.

Yes, he’s a reindeer shifter. Yes, he’s an OG on the sleigh team. And yes, he’s just as obsessed with me as I am with him. But each species has its rules, and everyone in North Pole knows we have to work together to pull off the Christmas run. Which means keeping the secret of our fated connection from everyone—elves, reindeer, Santa…
Even Prancer himself.

Christmas is coming whether we’re ready or not…and it’s going to be a battle to keep my ho ho ho on the down low low low.

Books and Baes

Kinship Cove loves a good story–especially a fairy tale retelling–which is why their library is a popular place to be. Welcome to the Kinship Cove library where every employee is guaranteed a happily ever after

Bibliophile and the Beast

As the local house cat shifter, I have three things I adore about my little Kinship Cove life—working at the town library, listening to podcasts about true crime, and dipping into a little catnip on a Friday night. So, imagine my dismay when a man with predator energy and hair the color of a sky on fire comes strolling into my research section and comments on my Dewey decimal system. But when his eyes meet mine and the string of destiny tugs us together, I know this is my fated mate.

There are just a couple of problems.

He’s far too big and dangerous for a little house cat like me. Too predatory for my level of prey. He’s also completely obsessed with me.

What’s it going to take for an introvert like me to tame such a beast?

And what will I do if I find out that taming him isn’t a possibility?

Under The Cove


Cover of Under The Cove featuring a man reading with a woman within ereader frsme
Being a bobcat shifter means plenty of people thinking calling me Bob is funny, though that’s far from the worst thing a girl living alone in a small town deals with. I’d seen the true crime shows. I knew the dangers of serial killers and sociopaths. But Kinship Cove really was a safe place to be yourself, no matter the shifter type.

At least, I thought so until I met the man of my dreams and the one the fates picked to be my perfect match. He’s tall, lean, quiet, and absolutely not telling me the truth about himself.

What’s a girl to do when the man she’s falling for turns out not to be a wolf in human clothing but something much rarer and more dangerous. And how is a cat shifter of any type supposed to accept a life partially lived under the sea?

They claim life is better down where it’s wetter…and I’m about to find out if that’s true.

Snow Red


Snow Red cover in eReader
Siamese cat shifters are known to be chatty, but I don’t always live up to that stereotype, mostly because talking means telling secrets. That’s not what I should be doing. I may have run away from my own version of the evil queen to hide among the shifters of Kinship Cove, but that doesn’t mean I’m safe quite yet.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…how can I hide from my past when my fated mate is going to hunt to uncover it all?