The New Year is upon us, and that means I’m planning my little heart away. Sort of. Truth be told, I started my 2015 plans back in October and finalized everything in the middle of December. Can you tell I’m successfully working on my waiting-to-the-last-minute tendencies as a 2015 resolution? Only my cover artist and editor will probably appreciate that, though.

Feral_Breed_DetroitMoving on, 2014 came in like a lion and went out like a rabid lion in terms of my writing. I wrote seven short stories through November and December and drafted the fourth book in the Feral Breed series. I moved into the editing phase on Claiming His Beauty at the end of the month and will stay there through January. Editing for me is hard at times. It’s when I really sink into the character’s mind and let lose every emotion I can find there. Sadly, the characters in this one are both a little bit broken inside in regards to something close to me, so this journey hasn’t been an easy one. I haven’t had such a hard time writing without tearing up since I killed a character off (even if it was only temporarily).

At any rate, I’m writing and watching my current titles as they sell and settling in for a long year. Did I mention my plan is to release something every month? Yeah…I like to torture myself. I’m going to give you a tentative 2015 publishing schedule. Tentative because things can change, some dates are not in my control, and I may say “screw this” and run off the Keys for a week at some point sans laptop. You never know…heck, I never know. At any point, here’s 2015 in a very loose nutshell:

January – Release The Gathering: Blasius, Dante, and Moira
Confirmed Release Date 01/05/15 – Available for Preorder

February – Release Claiming His Beauty (Beast’s story)
Tentative Release Date 02/23/15

April – Release Claiming His Fire

Jun – Release Cleaner Novella in Huntsman Box Set

Jul – Release Claiming His Desire

Aug – Release Feral Breed Novella (Sandman’s story)

Oct – Release Season Two of The Gathering (Four Shorts)

Nov – Release Feral Breed Novella (Holiday)

Dec – Release Claiming Her Heart

GatheringWolfYep, there’s a few months missing there. I have some projects I’m still not at the point of wanting to talk about. Projects that can be moved aside should other opportunities pop up. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past four months of publishing (seriously, just four months – it feels so much longer) it’s that you have to be agile if you intend to keep up with the business. You wouldn’t mind if I took my boys in a new direction, would you? No? Good. Thanks.

As the year rolls through, I’m sure I’ll fill in the details on those blank months, but this is the best I can do for now. Watch this site for fun stuff like my new Zazzle store, copies of signed copies going up for sale, what I’m up to, and where I’m going to be. The gauntlet has been thrown…it’s time to get shit done.