I’m not really a must-have-music kind of writer. Sometimes I listen to my favorite Pandora station while I write, sometimes not. But every now and again, a song screams to me. Throws me right into the head of a character and really gives me a solid hold on them. When that happens, I take advantage of it.

While writing Claiming His Witch, I had to take a business trip to Denver. In the evenings, I’d hang out in my room and edit like it was an obsession. Hours and hours and hours I spent hunched over my laptop with three songs playing on repeat. Here are the songs I couldn’t stop listening to.

Azurine’s Theme Song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Yes, I know it’s probably cliché and predictable, but I needed my witchy thoughts in place for her and her coven. This song is just dark enough to remind me that not all magick is innocent, and to keep me from falling into more of a Wiccan mindset.


Pup’s Theme Song: Till I Collapse by Eminem

Pup is not a weak man by any stretch. He’s a worker, relatively quiet but with a lot to prove. I LOVED being in his head. Being from Detroit, I have a real appreciation for Eminem’s music. Yes, a lot of times his words bother me, but there’s a reality in him, an almost desperation to succeed. The whole area seems to have that. They’ve crashed and burned a number of times, but you should never count them out. And you never want to underestimate Pup…he is going to get what he wants.


Zuri and Pup’s Love Song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Gorgeous words, gorgeous singing, and a video that made my jaw fall open. I love the dance, and the girl he’s dancing with is beyond beautiful. I kind of want to bite her ass. Not literally, but it’s biteable. Admit it. But really, the words of this song and the tone of Ed’s voice sent my heart on a journey leading right to Zuri and Pup. Every time I had to write them together, this was what I listened to, and I still smile and think of them together whenever I hear it.

That’s it. That’s my playlist. Got any songs that make you think of Pup and Zuri? Let me know!