New Release: Claiming His Chance

It’s finally here!   Claiming His Chance   Available as an ebook: After a long year of tragedy and battles, Cahill of the Southern Appalachia pack is hoping to spend a little time alone on his mountain. But with no mate to worry about, the safety of...

A Dog with Three Names

It was an average day in June of 2007 when I met a dog named Brandy. I’d been at work when I received a call that there was a one-year-old Black Lab mix that was in a kill shelter a little over an hour from where I lived. A rescue group was working tirelessly to find her a foster family so she wouldn’t be put to sleep. Having worked with rescue groups most of my life, I understood the need and the desperation. Large, black dogs tend to be the last to get adopted. Brandy was living on borrowed time.